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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Can You Make Him Long For You Only?

For eons and eons, women have pondered this question? More exactly, they have been asking for a solution to the problem, "How do make a guy fall in love with me?"  Have you ever thought about this yourself? None of us want to be alone and broken-hearted, that's just not God's plan for us.

God realized the necessity of having a soul mate...that's why He created Eve for Adam.  If you haven't read the book, Created To Be His HelpMeet, by Debi Pearl, you certainly should. This is God's secret for a heavenly marriage.

Now, back to the problem at hand...you know, the one before you reach the stage of marriage.

How do you make him fall in love with you?

Start by understanding what a man is attracted by.  What characteristics make a woman desirable to men? What characteristics are men fascinated by?

The more traits of the fruit of the Spirit which abide in a woman, the more that a man is enchanted and captivated by her presence.

Let's make a quick review of the fruit of the Spirit... Galatians 5: 22  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness an self-control.

Be honest and straight-forward with him.  Be kind.  To him and others around you. This evidence of your honesty and integrity will make a true impression on him and make the thought of you permanently burned into his brain.

Also, never lose sight of the fact that men love, love, love the thrill of the chase.  That's just another reason why they make great hunters and can spend hours upon hours hunting and fishing.  Remember to consider this if you should decide to intially become intimate with a man. Probably not a wise idea.
Hold back a bit instead and you'll have a man following you around trying to get closer to you.

Most women spend so much time chasing a guy that they never get to realize what it would be like to have them chasing them instead.

Regardless of how dark and lonely your path may have been thus far, be happy to know that it doesn't have to be that way.

There is a book available online which you can use to change the entire dynamics of dating.  It can give you a relationship that is so good and fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle.

Many women are now using this program. It is delivered to you electronically within seconds so you can start reaping its rewards immediately.

The author offers a 60 day money back guarantee on your purchase, so what are you waiting for? What have you got to lose?

Rather than rambling blindly through the relationship maze, learn about the ins and outs of a good relationship.

You can make a man love you. You just need to learn how.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do You Schedule Your Relationship?

8:00 AM - Go To Work

9:15 AM - Office meeting

1:30 PM - Sales presentation

6:00 PM - Break up with my significant other

Let's face it, for most of us, that kind of schedule looks pretty funny. We don't schedule things that way.  At least I don't, do you? So...while we may not schedule a break up this way, there still are times when something needs to be done. One of you in the relationship needs to make the first move. A lot of relationships last much longer than they probably should for no other reason than breaking up isn't an easy thing to do. Neither person wants to be the one who did the breaking up.

Relationships typically end in a few basic ways.

There is the dramatic break up. This type can be very sudden and usually involves strong words or actions. She cries, she chases him, follows him home promising never to do whatever it was that she did that he obviously didn't like so much so he decided to break up. Or vice versa. He does the chasing and promising.

Then there is the mutual break up where both parties come to the realization that it's over. They agree that it's best to break up. It's almost as if it happens by magic. Believe it or not, it's also the most rare kind of break up.

Finally, there is the slow break up. This is characterized by things degrading over time. The sad thing is that neither party may even know they are headed for a break up until it's far too late. The two people in the relationship just sort of drift apart.

So, how can you end a bad relationship without either party getting hurt?

The first step is to know why you want to break up. Don't make the mistake of assuming that the first reason you come up with is the real reason. You need to find the underlying cause of wanting to break up. Having a clear and accurate idea of why you're breaking up will make the process go smoother for both parties. That's because you will be operating from a position of honesty. That's the key to a smart break up.

Set a time to discuss things that is convenient for both of you. If at all possible do this face-to-face. Promise me that you won't text the other person. How rude! It's really not the kind of thing that should be handled via e-mail or over the phone either. The only exception is for a long-distance relationship where you won't be able to get together for a while. It's better to end things quickly, than it is to delay the inevitable.

Keeping things positive when ending a relationship is a smart move. Just because you are ending a romance doesn't mean you have to make an enemy. Be nice to each other and treat each other with respect. Don't get defensive. Don't make the other person feel like they must be defensive, either. If they start crying, be compassionate. At the same time, be aware that it may be an attempt to manipulate you. Guys know especially...tears do that. You can still be nice, but don't let them make you do something you don't really want to do.

Finally, at this stage, getting back together in the future is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is always a possibility. You never know what the future holds.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Communicating With Your Eyes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. They give you away when you are happy and when you are sad. They tell on you when you are thinking naughty thoughts. They twinkle like stars, and snap like fireworks. Your lover gets drawn into them every time you kiss. Your eyes can say more than your actual words at times. You communicate more than you will ever know with your eyes.

Look across the table and make eye contact. Let your lover see the twinkles that dance in your eyes whenever you look at him,. Raise one eyebrow suggestively. Maybe even give him a slow, smoldering wink that will guarantee he will wolf that meal down!

Are you upset with him but don’t really want to get drawn into an acrimonious argument? Let him see the pain in your eyes. He will see how dull the color is, the shimmer of threatened tears and it will kill him. No man likes to see the woman that he loves in pain, and he will do whatever it takes to bring the fire back to your eyes.

If you feel guilty about something, you probably will not be making as much eye contact. Ironically, studies show that men who are guilty of infidelity will make more eye contact than considered normal in an attempt to convince others of his innocence..

Your eyes can reveal more than you would really like them to at times. You are pretending to be perfectly happy, and that is what you keep saying to everybody, but your downcast, red rimmed eyes tell a whole different story. You are not happy and we can all tell. Conversely, you are trying to play it cool with a new man, but your eyes snap and sparkle like perfectly cut diamonds. You shake your head and say that he is “okay” when your friends ask, but they can see the light in your eyes whenever you talk about him. Your eyes have just ratted you out!

We wink and bat our eyes to flirt. We roll our eyes to express disgust, annoyance or boredom. We clamp our eyes shut when we are afraid, and open them wide when we are surprised. Our eyes appear partially closed to signal our sexual arousal. Our eyes allow us to pass messages to people when words are not going to get it done. Every single emotion we feel as humans shows in our eyes.

We look for messages in our lover's eyes and hope that we are not misreading cues. We mourn when we look into lifeless eyes and realize there is no feeling there to be expressed any longer. And we smile, when we look across the table and get a slow, smoldering wink and a single eyebrow raised message.

All be told your eyes can give an infinite number of messages and communicate in ways that we never even considered. They are the tattle tales of our being. Realize this and use your eye language to your advantage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If You Don't Want To Breakup Here Are 3 Ways To Stop It

Oh my gosh, if your relationship is on the rocks then this has been an incredibly lousy week for you, hasn't it? You could probably tell that this was brewing for quite some time, but I guess you thought if you ignored it that it wouldn't become an issue. Now things are not going well at all. Your partner is talking about breaking up with you and you really don't want that to happen. Now what? What can you do?

If you don't want to break up there are 3 things that you can do that may stop it. What have you got to lose by trying?

These tips won’t work in every situation—some relationships are too far gone. Most relationships though start having troubles long before they reach the point that they cannot be reconciled. Thankfully.

1) When you don’t want the breakup but your partner does, try being quiet for a while. Don't nag them! Don't whine, don't complain, don't carry on making a big issue over the fact they have just explained what is on their mind. Just listen to your partner. Try to understand where they are coming from. The worst thing that you could do right now is blame them for your breakup. This isn't about blame...it's about the fact that they must be needing something from the relationship that they aren't getting from you. Got it?

You can let your partner know that you don’t want the breakup. You should talk to them and explain calmly and reasonably about how you feel also. That’s about all you can do. Mostly, just shutup and listen! Perhaps you could reassure them that couples go through this kind of thing all the time and are still together. Don’t remind them of this over and over again though. You don't want them feeling like you are beating them over the head trying to prove your correctness. Consider this...you can be right or you can be together. What's more important to you?

If you carry on and carry on about how you want to stay together, you’ll probably just annoy your partner, making it less likely for him to be open to the idea of staying together. On the right hand side of this page, I have written a book that you can pick up for free. That's because I really do want to help you. It should give you some awesome ideas for rekindling the romance in your relationship. If you are at the point of considering a breakup, then you are probably in need of this guide. Relationships are iffy, but romance lasts forever. The whole point is to make yourself extra desirable to your partner again.

It’s unlikely he or she finds you particularly desirable when you’re complaining and whining about inconsequential things. That tendency to complain and even nag may have had something to do with why the relationship broke up in the first place, remember.

2) I think one of the main things that you should be concerned with is putting the other person's feelings ahead of your own. Get out of your own way. Stop being selfish. Instead of only thinking about me, me, me....spend your time thinking about your partner, your partner, your partner.

3) You want to show your very best side to your partner at all times. When you started dating this person, you were probably on your best behavior. You were not rude. You remembered your manners. You acted in a way that was out to impress the object of your affection. Everyone does that to win a mate’s heart. Then as things start to stagnate a little because of the routine responsibilities of life, there’s no need to impress or dazzle your partner anymore so the tendency to whine and complain begins. Or maybe you don't whine and complain...maybe you just never even give your partner any attention at all.

Stop this immediately and go back to displaying your “going to win them” courting behavior. That is often such a switch from the way things were in the beginning, that it seems almost too good to be true. Your partner will respond positively if they realize that you are genuinely interested in pursuing and keeping a relationship with them.

Going hand in hand with taking care not to complain or nag is learning to simply be agreeable. We tend to take our partner for granted and when he or she suggests something we’re not happy with, we make it known. If we do that too often it can start to seem to our partner that they can’t do or say anything right! You need to respect and appreciate your partner. I can't say this too much...LISTEN to them!!!!!!!

If you don’t want to breakup then learn to agree with your partner even when you don’t want to. That might sound a little extreme, but you’re in rescue mode right now. You just want to do everything you can to save the relationship. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to disagree with them for the rest of your life, but you want to make it known to them that you can be compromising to the way they feel.

Most of all you need to learn to do this all with a smile on your face. If you don’t want breakup then you’ll have to do these things.

A relationship that is growing and surviving is constantly a process in work. It thrives in an atmosphere of respect, admiration and attention. If you really want this to work out, you're are going to have to make it known to your partner that you understand this and are willing to do it to share your love with them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

You Really Need To Talk To Your Ex

If you want to get your ex back then one of the things that you should do is that you ought to talk to your ex, calmly and logically, if that's possible. Depending on how you ended things, and who did the actual ending, talking to an ex is a relative thing. It can be the equivalent to torture. Or maybe it will be no big deal.

For instance, I have an ex that is a good friend. I can talk to him about anything. I could even get by with asking him to do favors for me!

Then on the other hand, I have some exes that are so loathsome to me, I would rather pull the skin off of my body, inch by inch than to even try and deal with them.

That just goes to show you that you can never tell. Only the people involved can tell what type of friendship that they can have after a breakup. Or if a friendship is even possible! It won't always be!

If you did manage to end things in a fairly adult manner then talking to your ex should be easy. Granted, for the first few minutes, things are bound to be tense, and that is normal. Just smile, relax and hopefully things will even out fairly quick.

If it is a social event and you have just bumped into each other, keep things light and casual. Exchange a few pleasantries and then move on.

If however you have a set purpose in speaking to your ex, then know what you need to accomplish with the conversation. Plan accordingly.

Let's suppose for a moment that you need to ask your ex to return a cherished possession or to pay an outstanding mutual debt.

You do not want to start off with accusations and recriminations. Do not angrily rehash all of the things that had gone wrong with the relationship. Do not make snaky comments about any new relationship that may have cropped up since the breakup.

Try to remain neutral, especially if you need something. Who is going to be willing to pay a bill for someone who is shouting at them? Try to avoid childish name calling, but if you come up with a really good zinger, write it down for future use!

If your ex is the one that has initiated the conversation, consider his motives and what YOU want to accomplish. If this is a last ditch effort to try to win you back, think about whether you want that to happen or not. Are you the one that broke up with him in the first place? Is it truly and completely over?

If you know that you are done with him, now and forever, and he does not have all of your old Shaun Cassidy posters (You do know who that is, right? Or am I revealing my age?) in his garage, then by all means, let him know exactly how you feel.

There are some men that you could drop into the ocean, tied to a lead filled piano and they would still make it back to your door step, dripping wet and dragging a Steinway's keyboard. They truly do deserve the cold shoulder if you have told them more than four times.

In fact, the rule should be; if you have rejected an ex more than a half dozen times you can then whack them on the nose with a rolled up paper and say "bad boyfriend, bad, bad boyfriend" until they dash off, whimpering into the night.

Depending on location, you may or may not run into your ex. Maybe you will see him every day, maybe once a year, maybe never again.

You should know what you would do if you ever do run into him. Try to think about how you would feel. If you do have to talk to him, especially in public, try to remain calm and mature. Then, if you need to punch the hell out of a pillow when you get home and stick pins in a voodoo doll, you can with peace of mind.

If it the true desire of your heart to get back with your ex then you should get a copy of the book, The Magic of Making Up.

What Should I Do To Get My Ex Back?

I have never experienced so many painful emotions as when I broke up with my true love. You are probably feeling the same way and thinking to yourself, How do I get my ex back?
I was never so compelled to give up on life because I had so many heartfelt sensations...depression, sorrow, despair, grief, remorse, sadness, woe, pain, hurt, loss, worthlessness...the list could go on and on.

Think about it. Your major concern is 'what should I do to get my ex back?'. Am I right? I know positively that was my only thought. If you can remove yourself from all those feelings that you are experiencing right now and just think about the situation logically, you will be giving yourself the best chance of getting back together with that special person in your life.

2 things that can take you a long-g-g way to repairing your relationship are:

  • Common sense

  • and

  • Common courtesy

First, let's talk about common sense. Most people do have that, right?
Here are some common sense ideas.

  • Be genuine. Be real.

  • Don't play games. Don't be a player. Don't use people.

  • Be considerate. Think about someone besides yourself for a change.

  • Be sincere when you talk to your ex.

  • Give your ex some space. Don't smother them.

  • Be confident. Sure, you may feel like your world is falling apart but handle it responsibly.

There's only one thing that I can really say about common courtesy. Be nice. Don't be mean. Especially now, in this difficult situation it is very common to be even more vicious acting. That response is only natural. You are hurting and you see this as a means of defense. But it's not going to work very well for you if you really want to get your ex back.

Be on your best behavior and your ex will remember what it is that captured their heart in the first place. They will remember all the good things about you and miss those things.

Want to get your ex back? All you need is a step by step plan. You can get the best one HERE.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Can I Do To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

After a breakup, many times the only thing that the boyfriend can think about is...what can I do to get my ex girlfriend back...it's a mind buster alright. It is something that permeates every aspect of your day.

Are you that boyfriend? If so, then you know exactly what I'm talking about, don't ya? You never realized what you had until it's gone, right? That's the way it usually is. Wouldn't you know that it's just like that old song goes,"don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone".

Are you thinking and philosophizing about everything that could have been done to prevent the breakup? You probably just wish that things could have been different. You might even be making plans for writing an apology letter or something so you could score that relationship back. Stop right there. Don't do that.

Believe me when I tell you that this would all be for naught. You never really know what caused the breakup in the first place. She probably doesn't know either. A woman becomes so emotionally in turmoil over the entire situation that it doesn't even matter to her what caused the breakup...she is only concerned with the fact that you have broken up.

If you are asking yourself, "What can I do to get my girlfriend back" the first thing you need to do is come back to reality. Be calm and look at things in a different perspective. Take a break for a sec. Don't rush into making some rash decisions that are only going to come back and haunt you later.

Take some time away from your ex for a bit. Make some changes in your life. Learn to be more self sufficient. You know exactly how to take care of yourself...I'm sure you did it before she came into the picture. Maybe you have gotten lazy and figure that it's just easier to depend on her to take of you.

Straighten up. Quit being lazy. Quit being so gosh darn egotistical. Consider her feelings for a change. When you are ready to start thinking of her needs and wants instead of your own then it's time to approach her for a conversation about resuming your relationship.

Don't beg her. You don't want her to see you as a crying, whining wimpy kind of guy. Be confident, be pleasant...show her that you really care more about her than you do about yourself.

If getting back with your ex girlfriend is really meant to be then it will be apparent to both of you. It will be a mutual decision. Not one where one person (you) are trying to talk the other person (her) into something. A relationship based on that kind of reconciliation is not going to work.

Do you want to get your ex girlfriend back? Then go to the man who has helped hundreds of thousands all over the world. Time is of the essence in this predicament, so get started now.